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Phone it in Bible Study

Welcome...follow us on your computer, phone, or both

Join us Wednesday each evening at 7:00 pm for our “phone it in Bible Study.”  We are currently following the scripture from Genesis to Revelation  learning more about the Bible and Jesus in an online discussion format.  We use the online webinar tool Dim Dim.

If you would like to follow our Bible Study online please contact us with your email, and we will send you the online login information, the teleconference phone number, and discussion materials.  There is a brief Bible reading assignment each week that will help prepare you for the teaching and allow you to share what God has revealed to you in your study.

In the online tool, you can type in questions or comments in chat, or since it is a full teleconference, just speak up.  One of the great things about studying the Scripture with other Christians id that God has given each individual his or her own unique perspective on certain topics.  Please feel free to share.

If you are new to the Bible Study, just speak up and tell us your name, or into chat.  Everyone is welcome.  There is no cost except for your time.  We hope to hear from you this Wednesday.

House of Joy Fellowhip Church