Welcome to House of Joy Fellowship Church. We are located in Webster, TX. We are not a traditional Church most noticeably because we do not invest in a building. Currently, we meet in a rented building. You may ask why that is important.   Almost all the proceeds that come into the Church are either invested in the mission field or locally to meet needs right here in our community.

When you hear the term Church today, the first thing you visualize is an ornate building with a steeple.  While there is nothing wrong with Church buildings, the church, as referenced in the Bible, is made up of people…Christians.  The message taught by House of Joy is 100% Biblical, and will always be.  We adhere to the Christian principles that God has left us in His Word, the Bible.  We believe in Salvation, the filling of the Holy Spirit, and God’s power and ability to influence and change the world today.

We support Missions in Mexico, Africa, and Ireland that are teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ministering to physical needs as well.  We support the local food banks and even make special gifts wherever there may be a need. Take a look at our missions page to find out more about who we support.

If you are looking for a place to really make a difference in someone’s life…someone in real need, look no further.   If you are searching to find out more about Jesus Christ and Salvation, Click the “Salvation” tab on our Site, or call us today.    You may already a Christian and are looking for a place to serve, there is plenty of opportunity at The House of Joy Fellowship.  You may just appreciate what we are doing and may be led to support us and our missions financially.  Is so, click “support.”  You may donate to House of Joy through Paypal at any time.